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Empowering Deprived and Vulnerable Communitities

Training of Women in Vermi Composting for Promoting Organic Farming through Organic Manure

training of womenThis project is underway in villages of three gram panchayats in Bhinay Panchayat Samiti. Water in these villages is oily and alkaline. Owing to lesser availability of organic manure, people use chemical fertilisers like urea and DAP in large quantities and this is leading to decline in crop yield with every passing day.


  • To put an end to use of urea and DAP used by the farmers
  • To enhance income of farmers
  • To increase agriculture production capacity of land


  • Selection of willing women
  • Impart training to women
  • Sell produced manure after packaging
  • Carry out comparision of crops produced through use of fertilisers and vermi compost
  • Increase knowledge of farmers about the cost incurred in use of fertilisers and vermi compost


  1. Training
  2. Establishment of vermi compost units
  3. Construction of vermi compost manure sheds
  4. Preparation of vermi compost
  5. Vermi compost manure packaging


  • Reduction in use of urea and DAP
  • Increase in affinity of farmers towards vermi compost
  • Increase in faith of farmers after seeing results of used manure
  • Increase in income and yield
  • Saving in watering of fields in which vermi compost has been used leading to saving of Rs 500 per year in diesel cost

Funded By: The Hans Foundation


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