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The Hans Foundation Mobile Health Care Unit

the hans foundation mobileThe Hans Foundation ‘Mobile Health Care Unit’ programme is being implemented with financial support from The Hans Foundation, New Delhi. Under the programme all residents of 12 villages of Sri Nagar block are being provided medical and health services since May 2014. The main target of the programme is on girls and women. Apart from service delivery, health workers are provided training, health camps are organised and awareness camps held. The programme has 27,516 beneficiaries. Under the programme, an ambulance visits each village twice in a month and provides services.


  • To improve health status of villagers primarily women, men, adult, children and old
  • To provide health facilities in remote villages
  • To provide facilities easily and on time so time and money both are saved
  • To help in improving financial situation
  • To counsel beneficiaries on topics like sanitation, clean environment, nutritive diet, eye care, mental health counselling, substance abuse, etc.
  • To get women included in the family as an important part of the family apart from making them feel importance of health
  • To create awareness among communities and mothers about health and nutrition related to safe motherhood and child survival
  • To make health facilities accessible in villages
  • To motivate for ante and post natal care and promote safe delivery


  • Survey of villages and homes
  • To impart information about nutrition and health after collecting self-help group women members and other women
  • To organise meetings of villagers and health committee to impart them information on topics like child feeding, immunisation, vitamin A, diseases, health problems and health issues
  • To provide counselling to the sick through professional
  • To refer serious children to hospital and specialists
  • To organise home visit daily by the health workers, do follow up of the sick and get feedback from time to time
  • To carry out monitoring and evaluation of health workers by the project coordinator
  • To provide health cards to children and mothers and counsel mothers for weighing children


  • The project has treated 17,380 patients till March 2015
  • The project is providing health facilities in 12 villages
  • Free of cost health facilities have been made available to villagers
  • Improvement in health status of villagers, particularly women
  • Availability of information of various diseases to villagers from time to time
  • Availability of information to pregnant and lactating women and adolescent girls
  • Timely availability of medicines to poor villager
  • Saving of time that would have been spent on transportation
  • Health services reaching to even those who were not able to access them because of variety of complex reasons
  • People wait mobile healthcare team eagerly
  • More importance to mobile health care team by the people as compared to medical representative or hospital


The Hans Foundation, New Delhi