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Ab Meri Bari (Now My Turn)

ab meri bariThe Gramin Mahila Vikas Sansthan, with the financial supports of Aravali-Jaipur, Preksis and Dasra , has now organized the program- Ab Meri Baari in 10 villages of Lamgara and Bubkiya gram panchayat in Bhinay block of Ajmer district. This project is start from 1st April, 2019.

Girls and their parents were made aware through village level meetings and events on girl child health, education, domestic violence, girl rights in this program.

Target – Increase fluency.


  • Promoting girls education.
  • Making girls aware of hygiene.
  • Making girls aware of their rights.
  • To get maximum benefits of government schemes.

Community education         Community health and nutritional                 Child Protection                          Sex and Reproduction.


  • Selection of girl’s champion – To make the girls aware of their health, a conscious girl has been selected from among them, who get their morale and knowledge through training and educational excursion and inspired other girls.
  • Selection of villages in workplace – Villages has been selected in the area where the primary health center of sub-health is away from the village and health services are less available.
  • Anganwadi Center – There is an Anganwadi operated at the village level, but the facilities that should be found there are not available. For example- nutritional supplements, sanitary napkins, iron tablets etc. are not available in sufficient quantity. Now awareness was spread through Ab Meri baari Program, in which the facilities provided from Anganwadi were made aware through meetings, people who were not taking advantage of the facilities provided by the Anganwadi due to lack of information.
  • Training of Girls Champion – A five-day training of selected girls champions was organized at Karauli, Sitapur and Jaipur to make the girls health conscious. In which the information they received was passed on to the training increased the confidence of the girls and gave them an opportunity to communicate with others through any platform. The work done by the champion yesterday was a matter of pride for him.
  • Survey of score card – A survey was conducted by girls champion in which the score card survey of Anganwadi, PHC and sub health center village school police station was surveyed, in which people know about the information given by the government schemes department or how their access is but getting benefits. Or not, how many people have been received. For all the information, score card survey was done and after consolidating the survey, the concerned department was informed at the state level.

Meetings with girls - Weekly, monthly, fortnightly meeting was organized with the girls to make them health conscious, in which detailed information about sanitary pads used during the period of menstruation and use of sanitary pads, napkins or clean clothes was given. Aware of the precautions to be taken. Motivated about the intake of iron tablets to meet the lack of bleeding during menstruation. The benefits of using the iron tablets were explained in detail by the girls champion by talking them with them. Meetings with parent of girls – The girl’s champions organized sit-in with the parents of teenager-teenagers, giving detailed information on their health, education and insisted on getting education for their bright future. To keep them healthy, focus was on balanced diet.Mobile voice– In this activity online surveyed on mobile voice toll free number. In which teenager-teenagers was informed about the health issues and other knowledge.Training of Teenagers – Teenagers training organized at village level. In which aware to them for health all facilities knowledge which provided from health centre to them and encouraged them for take available services. Focus on reasons of inhuman evils.Bus Tour- Bus tour is organized by girl’s champion of local organization of ARAVALI- Jaipur, Preksis- Delhi and Dasra organization at district level offices of Ab Meri Baari Program workplace. Field facing problems knowledge gave to them.