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E-Shakti Program

e shaktiBackground- The Gramin Mahila Vikas Sansthan, with the financial supports of Nabard has organized E-Shakti Program for digitization of SHGS data. There is 16 years of the Women's Self Help Group Program conducted by the Institute with the financial support of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. In this project started by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, 1305 groups have been added to the Ajmer E-Shakti program. The main objective of the program is to computerize and complete all the information of the group and members online. So that the group or member can be connected to any government schemes and the family associated with the group can benefit. Group member’s savings, internal transactions, bank loans that are transacted every month. All this information is received by the member through a message in the group member's mobile. Members of the entire group receive the information of the group. 

Objectives of Program

  • Getting groups connected with other institutions, banks and government.
  • Integration of groups.
  • Easy grading of groups.
  • Online record of groups.
  • Work remotely between a bank and a group.
  • Linking all group members to life insurance, pension plan
  • Checking of groups by outside entities.
  • Online audit of groups.
  • Bring transparency.
  • Institutional records.
  • Processing online loan file of groups so that bank loan is easily available to the group.
  • Benefits of government schemes reach all the members of the groups. 

Field of E-Shakti Program – The Gramin Mahila Vikas Sansthan is running the E-Shakti digitization program from January, 2018. This project is running by financial support of National agriculture and rural development bank. This project is being operated in Srinagar, Silora, Sarvaar, Pisangan, Bhinai, Kekri, Jawaja, Masuda and other blocks of Ajmer district. In this project an animator has to do data entry of 30 groups, he has also got 4G Android phone by NABARD and the institute. 43 animators perform data entry in 1305 women groups of the institute. The animators enter the complete information of the transaction in the software in the group meeting and different types of information of each member as - Aadhar card, mobile number, photo, bank account number, savings amount and bank loan etc. in the group obtained from the bank. Take a print from the Institute office and give it to the members of the group and submit a copy to the Institute office. Along with this, group members have been linked to social security schemes and other government schemes run by the government as- Prime Minister jeevan jyoti insurance plan, Prime minister suraksha insurance plan, Micro Insurance etc. This year the linkages of the members with the above government schemes is this 

No. Of SHG Total members Pradhanmantri Jeevan beema plan Pradhanmantri Suraksha beema plan Atal pansion Plan Jandhan A/c Plan Micro insaurance
1305 13868 4325 2099 640 854 230

Project Achievements

  • Hand writing and check closing.
  • Mutual trust among group members.
  • Ease of connecting groups to the bank.
  • Ease of functioning of the organization.
  • Lent confidence.
  • Complete information of women online
  • Increase the business of the power banks
  • Checking of groups by outside entities.
  • Transparency leads to online group records.
  • Connecting all members of the group to social security schemes and connecting with government schemes by motivating their family members to take advantage of the schemes by providing information about the security scheme.