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Goat Based Livelihood Promotion

goat based livelihoodThis project is under way in 10 villages of three gram panchayats – Sobadi, Bubakia and Lamgara – in Bhinay panchayat samiti of Ajmer district. The participating target group in the project includes members of self-help groups.


  • To practise change in goat rearing like feeding fodder, carrying out delivery and health care
  • To bring about qualitative and quantitative change in goat milk
  • To promote goat rearing so as to establish income generation activities
  • To control resources of goat rearing and income
  • To improve status of women and their families and ensure their food security
  • To reduce goat death rate by 50 per cent
  • To make male goat available for improving race
  • To increase productivity of goats


  • Village survey
  • Constitution of goat rearers’ groups
  • Community training
  • Selection of pashu sakhi in each village to make first aid available
  • Group insurance
  • Provision of male goat


  • Training of project workers
  • Selection and training of pashu sakhi
  • Baseline survey
  • Provision of male goats
  • Loans for purchasing goats
  • Formation of goat rearers’ groups
  • Deworming
  • Vaccination


  • 300 families got another mean of livelihood as a result of which their socio-economic status improved
  • Selection of 10 pashu sakhis, one each in each project village
  • Formation of goat rearers’ groups
  • Establishment of goat rearing school
  • Regular immunisation led to improvement in goats’ health and milk yield
  • Improvement in quality of goats
  • Increase in number of goats


Jamshed Ji Tata Trust, Mumbai, with technical support The Goat Trust, Lucknow, and Ibtida, Alwar


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