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Goat Rearing Leads to Enhanced Income

goat rearing leads to enhanced incomeRukma Devi is a 40 year old Jat woman residing at Khayda village in Bhinai tehsil of Ajmer district. Her husband Hagama Lal is a farmer, and an illiterate. The couple has five children, two boys and three girls. Married at the tender age of 16 years, she worked at her home, assisted her husband in agriculture and also worked in stone mines. After giving birth to five children, she developed interest in social work.

One day she participated in a self-help group meeting, saw the process of money savings and loaning, and joined Charbuja SHG. During the course of time, her interest in SHG grew and she sought all necessary information from the Sansthan. She was particularly interested in goat rearing, she applied in Enhanced Goat Based Livelihood Programme and was selected.

She participated ina6-month longEnhancedGoat-Based Livelihood Promotion Programme organised with financial assistance fromTheHans Foundation. The programme started in October 2013 and ended in March 2014.

After successfully completing the programme, she applied for support and got five goats from the programme. When she started earning almost Rs 2,200 per month from the goats by selling their milk and producing manure from their excreta, her happiness saw no bounds as she came from a very poor family.

Kids of her goats are growing. In a period of six months or so, they will be adult and breeding. Once that happens her income is likely to cross Rs 5,000 per month.